TDSP v0.5 - C++ based simulation tool for signals and communication

complete source treetar-ball

documenations :    tdsp-class documentation html   pdf

installation notes :


            - define TDSP (point to your tdsp-installation)
            - set in ~/.rootrc or in system.rootrc for cblas/lapack/atlas define :

            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.cblas: /usr/lib/lib???.so                  
            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.blas: /usr/lib/lib???.so            
            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.f77blas: /usr/lib/lib???.so       
            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.lapack: /usr/lib/lib???.so    
            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.g2c: /usr/lib/lib???.so    
            Unix.Tdsp.shlibs.lapack_atlas /usr/lib/lib???.so    

            double precision fftw-library is at the moment (hardcoded in TDSPfft.cpp) expected at
            ==>  /usr/lib/


            tdsp/Win32 contains Visual Developer Studio 6.0 - Project files
            define ROOTSYS (point to your root-installation)
            define FFTW (point to your fftw-installation)
            define MATLAB (point to your matlab installation)
            define TDSP (point to your tdsp installation)

author : Peter Jung


Last modified: 29.04.04